Woman Curses Out Trump At Paul Ryan’s Office Like A Pissed Off Patriot & It’s Great


No matter where Donald Trump goes, it is pretty clear he has a hard time avoiding his opponents. Perhaps this is because there are so many of them, or maybe because he has marginalized just about every group of people in the country, that few are left to support him. Regardless of the many likely reasons that can be applied to justify the growth of his enemies in the country, the president is reminded of his wrongdoings everywhere that he goes, even in the safe haven of Capitol Hill.

On Tuesday, a video clip emerged of a woman yelling an expletive at President Trump as he walked the halls of the Capitol, as he was on his way to a meeting with Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI). In the video captured by NBC reporter Frank Thorp V, a woman’s voice can be heard shouting a very concise and straightforward choice of words at the president.

In the clip above, a woman’s voice very distinctly yells out, “Mr. President, f–ck you,” just moments before Donald Trump began passing through the hallway. Trump’s entourage can be seen passing through the halls ahead of him, with the president himself being shown towards the end of the video.

Although the woman who shouted in opposition has yet to be identified by name, a reporter from NBC News claims that voice came from a congressional intern on the Hill.

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The context of the woman’s remark also remains unknown, however, it would not be unlikely that the outburst came as a result of frustration from the administration’s inhumane and abhorrent immigration policy that has been uncovered in recent weeks. With forced family separations occurring against undocumented immigrants and young children being torn away from their parents only to be thrown in detainment camps with subpar living conditions, widespread anger and backlash from both sides of the aisle has ensued. The administration claims the reason for separating families is to deter illegal border crossing, but the use of toddlers for a political agenda as a bargaining chip has been rightfully viewed as sickening.

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With Trump unwilling to budge on his “zero tolerance” policy on immigration, chances are many around the country share the sentiments of this congressional intern.

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