10 Year Old Asylum Seeker With Down’s Syndrome Ripped From Her American Father


Donald Trump could never be called a great humanitarian. He’s suggested beating people who disagree with him, and has even stooped so low as to steal money from a children’s charity. But his policy of separating immigrant and refugee children from their parents is the lowest of the low. He likes to blame Democrats for the separations, but all the blame lands squarely on him. He’s the one who instructed Jeff Sessions to implement the brutal practice.

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He sure does look confused. (Photo by Chris Kleponis – Pool/Getty Images)

On Tuesday, things took a turn for the worse after it was reported that a 10-year-old migrant girl with Down’s Syndrome was separated from her mother at the border. The big surprise here is that reportedly the girl’s father is an American citizen, which should make her just as American as Ted Cruz. If that’s the case, then the Trump administration is now separating even American citizens from their children.

Mexico’s Foreign Minister, Luis Videgaray, told the Wall Street Journal about the heartbreaking case. He said that the young girl was imprisoned in a children’s facility in McAllen, Texas, and her mother was imprisoned in Brownsville. He’s called for the Trump administration to end the cruel and inhumane immigration policies of separating families at the border. He also said that the Mexican government was working hard to reunite the girl with her father.

How low can the Trump administration go? First they started separating children from their parents. Then we found out that they lost track of thousands of children that they’ve forcefully taken. Now we’re learning that it appears they’re even separating American citizens from their children. This insanity and cruelty has to stop. If congress won’t step in and stop him, hopefully voters will install a new congress this November that will get the job done.

Something is definitely wrong with Donald Trump, and the people who support him are no better. They may want to live in a country that practices cruelty on children, but the rest of us don’t want that. The whole world is watching the fall of our once great nation, a nation that used to help other people, a nation that had a heart, but apparently we’re no longer that nation, and Donald Trump is the cause of that.

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