Trump Administration Makes Embarrassing Error On Executive Order Release


The Trump administration has been no stranger to controversy since taking office, plagued with embarrassing and damaging circumstances only 18 months into their tenure. However, despite the countless bizarre, unorthodox, and detrimental issues that have arisen, perhaps none has been more significant and destructive than the discovery of President Trump’s horrific immigration tactics, which became clear to the American public and the world over the last week.

After seeing immigration reform plans horribly backfire, President Trump announced and signed an executive order on Wednesday aimed at ending the practice of family separations. The videos of toddlers crying out to be reunited with their parents, photos exposing the substandard living conditions in detention camps housing immigrant children, and sheer magnitude of pushback from both sides of the aisle against the tactics, left Trump no other choice but to concede in hopes of reducing the damage that had already been done.

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Perhaps due to the frustration for their failed plan, or maybe their disrespect for what the nation hoped the order would stand for, the administration made a blatantly embarrassing mistake on the first draft of the document. The executive order, which was titled “Affording Congress an Opportunity to Address Family Separation,” looked a bit off to readers as they received the document from White House officials.

Was it surprising that people working at the highest levels of government would misspell a simple word? Unfortunately, no. However, was it ironically coincidental that the misspelled word just so happened to be the one that most embodied the crux of the administration’s destructive policy? You can decide for yourself how you feel about that one.

Aside from the comedic nature of his administration’s faux pas, many are desperately hoping that the executive order will be a first step in drafting a comprehensive, fair, and just immigration reform policy that can satisfy the concerns of both parties. Although Trump tried to play victim during the signing, expressing his supposed sadness for the tearing apart of families, the true test for the GOP will be whether or not they can make something meaningful out of this. With the midterm elections less than five months away, and things not looking in their favor, it would behoove them to do everything in their power to go into elections season on some sort of a positive note.

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