Michael Avenatti Makes Thursday Career Move Announcement That Will Make Trump Crazy


During the backlash over the cruel abuse inflicted on children by the Zero Tolerance Policy created by the Trump administration, Americans wondered if there was no one inside these tent cities and abandoned Wal-Marts housing migrant children who has been torn away from their parents and traumatized by ICE.

Now, whistleblowers are coming forward to report what they’ve seen, risking their jobs and possibly their safety. To protect them from the legal ramifications they may face, a lawyer with a very familiar face will be representing them in court.

The lawyer for Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Clifford), the adult film actress and producer who says she had an affair with Donald Trump while his wife recovered from childbirth and was later threatened into signing a non-disclosure agreement and paid $130,000 for her silence, will now also serve as the attorney for those who witnessed what was truly happening to these children.

Reporters and lawmakers who attempted to visit the centers were barred from entry and the few who were granted access were not allowed to speak to any of the children held there. Instead, the White House released a sanitized version of the treatment these children were receiving that featured only older boys. It’s easier to convince the public that teenaged boys are criminals and gang members when they don’t see the girls, toddlers, and infants who have also been detained.

When Health and Homeland Security Secretary, Kirsten Nielson, who was in charge of these detention centers, spoke at a press conference to defend the policy, one reporter asked her where the girls and smaller children were being held. Nelson’s answer? “I don’t know.”

Unfortunately for Nielson, who earlier had insisted that there was no policy that was separating children from their parents at the border but changed her statement when she said it was a law (it isn’t), these whistleblowers do know where the girls and small children are. They’ve seen and worked with the older boys, too.

Now, the truth about this abuse will finally come out.

Featured image via Getty/LAUREN ELLIOTT