Trump Snaps & Tweets Thursday Night Message About Melania’s Jacket Like A Big Jerk


We’ve all heard about Trump’s heartless decision to separate families at the border and cage the children. This has outraged Americans whether they’re on the left or the right. When it comes to children, most people do very much care about what happens to them.

Although it’s been said that Donald Trump’s wife Melania had something to do with the executive order he signed yesterday that will supposedly put a stop to separating families, maybe she doesn’t care as much as she let’s on. She went to visit one of the internment camps where the caged children are being detained, and she wore a jacket that said “I Really Don’t Care, Do You? After people started talking about it, Donald Trump posted a lie on Twitter trying to downplay his wife’s choice of wardrobe.

Yeah right Donald! He really expects us to believe that whomever chose that jacket had fake news in mind when they did it. Does he really expect people to fall for that line of bullsh*t? Of course we all know that his believers will fall for anything he says, but he has to be aware that the majority of people in this country know he’s full of it. His wife just got caught doing something insensitive, and he’s trying to explain it away like it means nothing.

Melania usually stays out of the public eye, thus she avoids doing stupid or insensitive things. But what the hell was she thinking wearing something like that to go visit imprisoned children? She’s normally better then all the other Trump’s combined, but she really struck out this time.

Her jacket and Trump’s tweet that claims it has something to do with fake news will lead to something interesting though…it’s a given that his followers will turn the phrase into something big for him. When we see them touting this phrase, we’ll all be able to look at them and know they’re the type of people who will fall for anything. I’d be willing to bet they’ve probably already started making signs with the phrase on it for his next rally. Just wait and see. Until then check out what the Twitterverse had to say about Trump’s idiotic tweet.

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