Canada Just Figured Out How To Impose Tariffs On Trump Alone & Americans Are Thrilled


Donald Trump made a huge mistake when he attacked America’s greatest and closest ally last week. Trump made a complete fool of himself at the G7 Summit, showboating like the king of kings, then upon leaving and hearing what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said about retaliatory measures that would be taken against the U.S., Trump blew a gasket.

Trump immediately tweeted the following:

Since then, Canadian officials have been trying to figure out what the next step is. It is only fair that equal sanctions be placed on America, but should the American people pay for their dimwitted president’s mistake?

Canadian officials may have come up with a way to ensure that the tariffs hit only the intended target, Donald Trump.

According to Canadian magazine Maclean’s:

“Regina-Lewvan MP Erin Weir is a former NDPer who identifies as a member of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. During Tuesday’s Question Period, Weir took the floor, saying everyone in the House “supports the Prime Minister standing up to President Trump” and that “unlike previous American presidents, Trump has made himself vulnerable by not divesting his personal business interests.” Then, to nodding heads, including that of Green Party leader Elizabeth May, he asked: “To apply further pressure, has the government considered retaliatory sanctions targeting the Trump organization rather than the American people?””

During a conference on Tuesday, Weir said that Canada “supports the Prime Minister standing up to President Trump” and “unlike previous American presidents, Trump has made himself vulnerable by not divesting his personal business interests.”

The magazine continued:

“At the other end of the room, Foreign Affairs minister Chrystia Freeland didn’t exactly reject the prospect of sanctioning Trump’s collection of companies, of which past disclosures suggest there are 144 in 25 different countries. As she’s done before, Freeland stressed that the tariffs enacted by the U.S. are “illegal” and “unjustified,” and that the national security justification offered up by the Trump administration is an insult to Canadians.”

“Then she added, to the approving nods of cabinet members around her: “We are now in a consultation period. We welcome ideas from all Canadians on what should and what should not be in our retaliation list.””

Canada apparently has a pretty amazing law called the “Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act,” or the “Magnitsky Law,” which allows them to target specific individuals who inflict damage on others. Weir said, “it is an interesting one, given President Trump’s alleged ties with Russia.”

Weir states that the possibility of using the legislation against Trump is something that needs to be talked about thoroughly, saying, “I can see how it would be seen as a radical measure, but we are confronted with a radical reality from the Trump administration.”

According to Maclean’s:

“The Magnitsky law, named after a Russian lawyer who was allowed to die behind bars by Moscow prison staff after accusing country officials of theft, came into effect last year. Two weeks after the law was passed, Freeland announced sanctions on 52 foreign nationals in Russia, Venezuela and South Sudan.”