Kathy Griffin Targets Melania After Phony Show Of Concern For Kids Trump Locked Up


Kathy Griffin is the redheaded step-child of comedy, and her harsh critiques have gotten her in trouble long before the now infamous photo shoot of her holding a severed Trump head. She was fired by CNN as a result of the image, and has only now begun to come back from the backlash she faced over the ordeal.

Comedian Kathy Griffin reacts during a news conference to discuss the comedian’s “motivation” behind a photo of her holding what appeared to be a prop depicting US President Donald Trump’s bloodied, severed head, with her attorney, Lisa Bloom (R) in Woodland Hills, California on June 2, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Mark RALSTON (Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Griffin is now back in full force after Trump began committing egregious attacks on asylum seekers, and she is having a field-day tearing Melania apart in the press.

Melania made the mistake of speaking on the issue of her husband ripping immigrant children away from their parents for absolutely no reason, other than the fact that he is pure evil.

Melania’s spokesperson said this to CNN reporter Kate Bennett on Sunday:

The only problem with that message, it’s a feeble attempt to use Trump’s regular party line of the Democrats being to blame for the nazi punishment his administration has decided to inflict on people escaping oppression and murder.

Griffin lost it. Check out what she tweeted back at Melania:

The response to Griffin’s tweet was overwhelming. Check out some of our favorite responses below: