New Cover By The New Yorker Has Nazi Donald Trump On Verge Of Total Meltdown


The New Yorker’s latest cover photo is seriously pulling at the world’s heartstrings and infuriating people everywhere. When the first images emerged from Trump’s “tent cities” of children held in what appeared to be oversized dog kennels, as well as the audio of crying babies begging for their families, anyone with a heart was able to sympathize with the people being targeted by the Trump Administration’s new policy.

Since then, Trump has been the target of media outlets trying to get Americans to understand the depth of what is happening. This includes t.v. news, social media outlets, newspapers, and magazines like The New Yorker. One cover image that publication in particular is causing quite a stir with liberals and conservatives alike. Check it out below:

The responses to the New Yorker’s reveal was pretty much what you’d expect in 2018 America. Check out the best ones below: