NYPD Hit With Lawsuit For Hiding Info On Trump And Sons Weapon Carry Permits


Donald Trump once said that he carries a gun all the time. He also said that he would have opened fire on gunmen if he were in a bar and they started shooting people. We all know that he really would’ve pulled a George Costanza and knocked women down so he would be the first one out the door while running away though.

Things are imploding for the Trump administration and it’s really showing on his face. OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP/Getty Images)

Since Trump lies so much, no one really knows if he has a permit to carry a gun or not. The Daily Dot which is a news and opinion website, would like to know whether Trump is telling the truth. So they filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the carry permit records of Donald Trump and his two sons.

However the New York Police Department doesn’t think the Daily Dot has the right to that information, so they refused to release the required information. Since the NYPD refused their request, the Daily Dot filed a lawsuit against them. Their suit claims:

The Daily Dot and the public have a right to access public records evidencing the Trumps’ ability and need to carry handguns in one of the strictest arms licensing states in the country.’


Court House News reported Thursday that Daily Dot alleges that NYPD Lt. Richard Mantellino said the request was “an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy under the New York Public Officers law” and “would endanger the life or safety of the applicants. Since Trump and his family have around-the-clock Secret Service on hand that argument doesn’t carry any weight.

It sounds like Trump has friends in high places in the NYPD and they’re trying to cover for him. Since Trump proudly claims that he carries a gun all the time, it shouldn’t be a big deal whether someone verifies whether he’s telling the truth. Sadly with Donald Trump you never know what to believe though. Considering he acts like he’s mentally unstable most of the time, it would probably be a good thing if he’s lying because he really shouldn’t have access to any weapons at any time.

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