Protesters Show Up Outside Kirstjen Nielsen’s Home; What They Did Has People Cheering


History will remember this moment. A time when America has somehow found itself in comparison to 1940’s Germany, with a leader so ruthless and evil, that even the sounds of a child’s screams doesn’t phase him. Donald Trump’s legacy will pay greatly for his sudden decision to become a politician, and the people who carry out his evils will not be remembered fondly either.

Trump’s Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is a great example of someone whose name will forever be synonymous with child concentration camps and misleading the public. Just days ago, Nielsen was met with a crowd of protesters as she tried to eat dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and now, more protesters have shown up at her house Friday morning. Check out the video below:

The protesters played loud audio of trump’s tiniest victims crying for their “mamas” and “papas.”

This is probably the most damaging visual aid the administration has been faced with, and likely what propelled Trump to sign the executive order against himself to put an end to his horrendous new policy.

As this was happening, Trump continued to show his complete lack of concern for children who are alone and terrified without the loving nature of their parents. He tweeted the following message this morning, calling the “stories of sadness and grief” from Democrats “phony.”

Trump’s mention of President Obama is a common misconception running rampant on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, and something the current president should be fully aware of. Instead, Trump claims that President Obama also separated families during mass deportations, like an idiot.

According to NBC News:

“This is inaccurate — there was no widespread Obama-era policy of separating parents and children — but it’s a common talking point for Republican commentators and members of the president’s administration. Trump’s policy, now temporarily halted, aimed to prosecute every single illegal border crossing, including asylum-seekers. The government separated children from their parents or legal guardians because the adults had been referred for prosecution for illegal entry into the United States.”