Trump Hits Twitter Again Friday To Rant Like Your Drunk Crybaby Uncle At Christmas


Donald Trump has a big problem. Sixty percent of Americans really hate him. They don’t like him because he’s increasingly starting to sound like he has no idea whatsoever how this country works. This morning he again hit Twitter to post his daily idiotic rambling word salad. The guy just has no idea how bad his low-intelligence tweets make him look.

This tweet is kind of funny considering he contradicts what he said just two days ago when he posted a video of Presidents Clinton, Obama, Sen. Chuck Schumer, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi talking about cracking down on illegal immigration. As far as phony stories go, he must be talking about the fact that one media source used a stock photo of a crying girl in their article about Trump separating families at the border. Just because one media source used a stock photo doesn’t make the problem phony. The photo in question still showed a migrant girl crying while her father was being arrested at the border; however, it didn’t happen within the past two weeks.

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Or maybe Trump sees the problem as phony because he has no attachment to his children, so he doesn’t expect other people to actually have feelings toward their offspring either. We’ve all heard how he wanted nothing to do with raising his kids, so it’s completely possible that he doesn’t love his children as much as a normal person loves theirs.

You can bet that the people missing their children absolutely feel sadness and grief over the separation Trump has forced on them. The only way Trump could understand that kind of sadness is if he became separated from all his billions since his money is the only thing he truly loves. If that happened you can be sure he’d be crying and carrying on for all to see.

Trump likes to scare his believers into thinking that our country is being overrun by immigrants, but that’s not even close to the truth. In fact, we have a net loss of immigrants because as has been the case for a couple of decades, more undocumented people are leaving than coming in. So, Trump’s tweet is just a bunch of hot air that proves he’s getting freaked out about the upcoming elections. Even he can see the Big Blue Wave heading to our shores.

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