Trump Jolts Awake From Immigrant Nightmare, Flies Into Early AM 8-Tweet Rant Like A Nut


No matter what Donald Trump tells his rabid fanbase on Twitter, no matter how much evidence shows that he’s lying to them, they’re more than willing to believe him. Friday’s Twitter rant included more lies, but there’s no convincing his voting base of that.

Trump continued to tell his voters that the Goodlatte bill he endorsed was obstructed by Democrats, but what he doesn’t say is that 41 Republicans also voted it down. He tells them that the bill was good and fair, but it includes no path to citizenship for DACA recipients, did nothing to address the families separated as a result of his Zero Tolerance policy and wouldn’t make his temporary end to the policy permanent, and would cost Americans more than $30 billion tax dollars for a border wall that Mexico will never pay for no matter how many times promised they would.

Trump is also promising his voters a “red wave” in November and continues to brag about all the “winning” Republicans are doing because of his endorsements, but so far, his endorsements have only sometimes ended in a Republican candidate winning their primaries. When those candidates have faced off against Democrats in general elections, Trump-endorsed candidates have lost at a rate of 3:1.


Screenshot via Ballotpedia

Since Trump refuses to tell the truth, here are some facts:

“Judge” Jeannine Pirro lies to her viewers for Trump every day she’s on the air. He cannot unify even his own party. Democrats are voting the same way they always have on immigration, healthcare, and tax cuts for the rich. He cannot force Mexico to pay for a wall. He used children as bargaining chips for his political agenda through a policy his own administration created.

Despite every bit of evidence that supports those statements, they’ll never believe it.

Featured image via Getty/Win McNamee