Fmr. Director Of Govt. Ethics Office Just Busted Sarah Sanders Breaking The Law


Apparently, no one in the Trump administration has any idea that there are ethics laws they must obey. Take Sarah Huckabee Sanders for instance. Just today she used her official White House Twitter account for personal gain, and Walter Shaub, the former Director of the Office of Government Ethics, tweeted that Sanders broke federal law when she did.

Sanders used her official Twitter account to run down a restaurant owner after the owner asked her to leave the premises. The owner of Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia, Stephanie Wilkinson, asked Sanders to leave her restaurant because of the way Sanders had defended the Trump administration’s ban on transgender military members.

Shaub let her know that using her official White House account to conduct personal business was a violation of federal law and he even quoted the exact law that she broke. He also let her know that he understands she doesn’t care even one tiny bit about breaking that law. Anyone with any common sense knows that people in the Trump administration don’t care about breaking laws.

It was awesome when he tweeted directly to her to let her know how he really feels about what she did…it was a bit more personal that way.

It seems as if members of the Trump administration couldn’t care less if what they do is legal or illegal. Don’t they even have an ethics director in the White House to guide them along the legal path? Some members of the administration have used their spot on the national stage to shill Trump products for sale, and others have illegally tried to sway elections, and now we have one of them running down someone’s business. It’s bad enough that we’re stuck with a president who has no ethics, but it’s worse that his staff freely breaks the law and then he allows them to keep their jobs.

Featured Image via Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images