Kathy Griffin Just Teamed Up With Stormy Daniels To Ruin Donald Trump’s Life


Last May, comedian Kathy Griffin came under fire after she posed for a tasteless picture. The backlash of the photo shoot nearly ruined her career. She’s back in a big way now and her favorite target is still Donald Trump. After her show in Boston last night she tweeted a photo of herself with Stormy Daniels flipping the bird to Trump, with the hashtag #FuckTrump to go along with it.

Stormy later tweeted the same photo and thanked Griffin and let her know she had a great time at her show. Apparently the two performers are on their way to a promising friendship. Griffin later posted a video of the two chatting about “Melanie” Trump.

Although outrage over Griffin’s photo shoot last May silenced her for a minute, she’s back to prove that Trump has no power over her. Kathy Griffin is a very funny lady with a sharp wit and Trump probably still doesn’t enjoy all the barbs she tosses at his family. He won’t enjoy the ones he understands because her humor is so well thought-out that it may go over his head a lot of the time.

It’s great to see two strong women bonding over a common enemy who has tried to silence each of them. For anyone living under a rock the past year, Stormy Daniels is the former adult actress who allegedly had an affair with Trump. Trump had his attorney pay her money to keep her from talking about the alleged affair. After he screwed up the NDA, however, Daniels has felt free to talk about what allegedly happened.

Featured Image via Getty Images