Trump Flies Into Racist Immigrant Rants During Sunday Morning Tweet-Storm Like A Weenie


It’s becoming clearer every day that Trump is not going to back off his attempts to paint people coming over the border to escape violence and abject poverty as criminals bent on killing and raping every American they can. The tactic is no different than the one George W. Bush used against Willie Horton in the 1980s and Hitler used to demonize the Jews in the 1930s.

Is there any phrase more creepy than Donald Trump saying, “don’t resist”?

Trump repeatedly calls for Democrats to vote for his immigration policies, to kick DACA recipients who were brought the country as children out, to end a catch and release policy that does not release violent criminals but protects those who came into the country illegally to escape persecution, and to help him implement policies that treat immigrants like animals instead of human beings.

He calls the Democrats “obstructionists” and says that the majority votes he has in Congress are not sufficient to get what he wants done because of the 60 votes requires to pass bills, but the Goodlatte Bill that Trump backed also failed to get 41 GOP members to back it because the bill was simply so cruel and unjust.

Resisting Donald Trump is not about being a Democrat or Republican, it’s not about left vs. right or liberal vs. conservative. This is about protecting our country from a incompetent wanna-be dictator, a dictator who sees crime when he looks at brown children and parents but not at the Russian hackers who illegally influenced our election. He wants to denaturalize citizens who did come in legally if by some arbitrary method created by the Trump administration and his band of racist advisers it is determined that they gave false information on their immigration documents but his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, still works in the White House despite all the financial disclosures he lied about and omitted.

Yes, for God’s sake, RESIST.

Twitter had their own thoughts on Trump’s Sunday morning tweet. Read some of them below:

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