Trump Advisor Caught Illegally Using Military Seals – Pentagon Pounces Immediately


Trump’s administration is the most questionable group of misfits to ever grace the White House, no ifs, and, or buts. Even before they took over the Oval Office, behavior coming from this group was unlike anything the American government had ever seen, and they’ve faced people like George W.Bush and Sarah Palin head-on.

Now, Trump’s spiritual advisor, whatever that means, is being accused by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation of inappropriately and illegally using the seals of the five branches of military. The foundation sent a letter regarding the information they’d found to the pentagon.

According to that letter, Trump advisor Robert Jeffress’ church put up the billboard above, that promotes an event at which Jeffress planned to directly violate the law created to protect the integrity of such government symbols. The letter reads:

“The display of these official seals by any non-federal entity is strictly prohibited according to the DoD guidance entitled “Important Information and Guidelines About the Use of Department of Defense Seals, Logos, Insignia, and Service Medals, which clearly states the prominent prohibition regarding the seals used by First Baptist Dallas church.”

“The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) officially requests that you expeditiously reach out to Robert Jeffress and/or his church to put an end to his illicit behavior in creating the impression that the U.S. Department of Defense is endorsing their tortured version of revisionist historical Christian primacy.”

Upon receiving a copy of the letter, the church proclaimed they would continue with the event scheduled called “Freedom Sunday.” According to Jeffress, “Freedom Sunday is a celebration of both our freedoms as Americans and the freedoms we as Christians have through faith in Christ,” but according to Fox’s Todd Starnes, the pentagon has demanded the use of government seals be stopped immediately. The ridiculous report claims that:

The Pentagon has directed one of the nation’s largest churches to remove insignia representing the branches of the military from an upcoming freedom celebration after an atheist group complained.”

The letter sent to the pentagon by MRFF President Mikey Weinstein continues:

“It is imperative that First Baptist Dallas be stopped from associating Robert Jeffress’ divisive, prejudiced, and bigoted version of fundamentalist Christian supremacy, domination and exclusivity directly with the U.S. Armed Forces.”

The pentagon’s letter to Jeffress’ church was just as hard-hitting:

“We are concerned that use of the DoD Component marks creates an appearance of endorsement and or affiliation with your church’s Freedom Sunday, when that is not the case. Federal regulations prohibit the use of official military markings in ways that imply endorsement of a commercial entity or activity.”

“Because your church has apparently used these seals in the past, we presume you are unaware that the DoD and the Military Service seals, along with many other military insignia, are protected by law from unauthorized use and may only be used for official purposes.”

“We understand your goal is to recognize the men and women in the military. Therefore, recommend the continued use of the phrase ‘Salute to our U.S. Armed Forces’ without the military marks.”