Ivanka Trump Just Donated $50,000 To A Hate Group That Targets Minorities Like A Nazi


Ivanka Trump is often touted as the “conscience” of the Trump administration and the president credited both her and his wife for his decision to sign an executive order to end the separation of migrant families on the border.

However, her goodwill toward children only seems to extend so far. For weeks, she remained silent while her father locked up minor children separated from their families and only spoke up after the backlash made him “look bad.” When Trump finally signed an executive order to end the practice, she thanked her “daddy” for promising to stop abusing anymore kids other than the ones he’s already abused by locking them up, as did Jack Graham, the pastor at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas.

In order to change the optics of imprisoning babies, Ivanka made a donation to Graham’s church. The pastor thanked her for the $50,000 donation on Twitter.

There are many ways to help these children and donating money is one of them. The ACLU, for instance, is working to help the children be reunited with their parents. Instead of donating to such an organization, Ivanka chose instead to donate to a church that marginalizes women and spreads hate for LGBTQ Americans.

Not all Southern Baptist churches agree that women are lesser beings than men or that all LGBTQ citizens are going to hell for loving someone of the same sex. However, to be a church recognized by the Southern Baptists Convention, which is supported by Vice President Mike Pence, that church must agree with those views. Some churches have been kicked out of the SBC for having women leaders. The former president of the SBC, Al Moehler, also served as president of the Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, KY and, like other seminaries recognized by the SBC, fired women who taught subjects like theology because he believed women are not qualified to teach men.

Ivanka’s promises to serve as an advocate for women, children, and the LGBTQ community seems to fall flat at every turn.

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