Ex-ICE Attorney Looking At Prison Time After Stealing From Detained Immigrants


Unfortunately there are some really bad apples in law enforcement. We’ve all heard about trigger happy cops willing to shoot unarmed suspects at the drop of the hat. Well today we’re learning about an ex-ICE attorney who enriched himself by stealing the identities of the very people his office was kicking out of the country.


The Seattle Times reported that Raphael Sanchez, who was the chief attorney for ICE agents and also oversaw deportations and asylums in four different states, took a plea deal and would be sentenced to four years for wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. The charges stemmed from him stealing the identities of immigrants and defrauding banks and credit-card companies.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) said that Sanchez:

‘…was entrusted with ensuring the honest enforcement of the country‚Äôs immigration laws. But Sanchez betrayed that trust. Over a period of years, he exploited numerous victim aliens, defrauded major financial institutions, and monetized his position of public trust.’

Without the plea deal Sanchez would have faced up to 30 years and up to $1 million in fines for the wire-fraud charge, and a mandatory sentence of two years for the aggravated identity theft. Prosecutors said that Sanchez used the identities of at least seven vulnerable immigrants facing deportation to forge ID’s and used them to steal $190,000 from at least six different banks and financial institutions. One of the ID’s he stole belonged to a woman who had been found murdered.

It’s absolutely mind blowing that Trump’s DOJ would hold someone criminally liable for taking advantage of immigrants. One has to wonder if there could be a signed pardon for Sanchez already drawn up and sitting on Trump’s desk. With all the bad things he’s said and done to immigrants, that seems like something he’d do, especially since he doesn’t give a hoot about law and order.

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