Melania Visits Trump’s Child Prison – Gets Greeted By Her Husband Wearing KKK Robe


Maybe growing up in a communist household negatively affected Melania Trump. It’s possible that communism squashed all the empathy out of her. Maybe that’s why she proudly let us all know last week that she really doesn’t care, as she went to visit children her husband had imprisoned. One has to wonder how much she cares that she came face to face with a giant inflatable of Donald Trump wearing a Klan robe that protesters happily displayed, when she visited one of her husband’s child internment camps yesterday.


The balloon floating protesters waited for Melania across the street from the Southwest Key migrant holding facility in Phoenix, AZ, according to local reporters. Their balloon protest was really spot-on considering Trump’s burgeoning authoritarianism is really starting to show more and more every day.

After public outrage reached a high point, Trump was forced to sign an Executive Order last week allowing children to be imprisoned alongside their parents. Unfortunately his E.O. does nothing to help the thousands of children who had previously been ripped out of their parent’s arms. That’s why Melania had plenty of imprisoned children left to visit today.

Considering that Trump is proud of his brutal, nationalistic tendencies, it wouldn’t be surprising if he didn’t send an aide out to Phoenix to try and purchase one of the inflatables so he could display it on the White House lawn. The fact of the matter is, it’s embarrassing to have a sitting president of these once great United States look like a blossoming Nazi.

(Photo by Al Drago-Pool/Getty Images)

Because that’s what he’s starting to look like. Roughly 60 percent of the people in this country, and most of the rest of the world, know that Trump is bordering on fascism. His policies are dangerous and a direct threat to not only us but the rest of the world too. Maybe that’s something Melania could start caring about.

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