Obama Announces Return To Politics In Historic Move That Has Trump Fighting Mad


Many miss our last president and the dignity he and his wife gave to the highest office in the land, especially in contrast to the vile man there now. Former CIA director, John Brennan even refuses to call Donald Trump “president,” instead he refers to him as “Mr. Trump.” Have no fear though, because it looks like someone just might be making a welcome comeback.

Ever since 45 took office, 44 has remained virtually invisible to the public. Things are changing, though, because President Barack Obama is coming to town, riding the campaign trail hard.

Democrats have been missing two important things: a brief message of a better future and a charismatic leader. Obama brings both, and he could make a huge different in flipping Congress and bringing in Democratic governors.

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A source with inside knowledge told CNBC News that the man who used to sit in the Oval Office will likely begin campaigning in September. The plan is to bring in a big, expansive Democratic win.

President Obama’s people have been working with Organizing for Action (OFA) and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC). A spokesperson for the NDRC told CNBC:

‘The president and his team are in engaged in our work at the NDRC. They are working with our chair Eric Holder and our chair is working with them.’

Former Obama aides lead both the OFA and the NDRC. His former director of the Office of Public Engagement, Jon Carson, chairs OFA. The organization pushes Obama’s agenda with grassroots initiatives.

Former attorney general, Eric Holder, leads the NDRC. That group has been working on redistricting reform, because the Republicans have been busy gerrymandering and quashing Democratic voters in other ways.

Longtime Democratic donor, Robert Zimmerman said:

‘It is always important to have Barack and Michelle Obama on the campaign trail. In fact it is essential. They represent a politics of civility decency and accomplishment at a time when the country, at least in part, is looking to journey forward. So I think their presence will be critical in the election to have the Obama’s campaigning for Democrats.’

President Bill Clinton campaigned to raise funds and at campaign rallies, but President Obama plans a big push behind those people running with the greatest chance at winning. His plan has been and continues to be more focused.

Obama’s team wants 27 districts, including seven seats for the state of California. Another important seat for Democrats currently belongs to the incumbent Dan Donovan (R-NY).

The DNC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) has already backed Donovan’s Democratic opponent, Max Rose. This seat has been trending Republican, but 44 could make the difference.

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The man who led the free world has also been focused on the seat belonging to retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI). Right now, this seat appears to have a 50-50 chance of flipping for the Democrats.

Previous presidential aides to Obama, Bill Burton and Sean Sweeney, formed a super PAC in 2012, Priorities USA Action. So far, it has a budget of $70 million. In addition, the Super PAC has contributed millions of dollars to vulnerable Democratic Senate primary candidates.

Featured Image via Getty Images/Scott Olson.