Trump Sends Out Wild Friday Night Tweet That May Have Violated Federal Law


From some of the idiotic business moves Trump has made since being in office, it’s very easy to see why the majority of his businesses have failed, and why he’s had to file for bankruptcy so many times. Now that some of our high profile businesses have decided to move out of the country because of Trump’s failed policies, he’s practically begging for some good news somewhere. Apparently he thinks that Scott Walker and Wisconsin have given him a much needed win by luring Foxconn to build a factory in the state.

But not so fast. The Foxconn deal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. For one thing the deal will cost Wisconsin taxpayers an estimated $4.79 billion in land and tax giveaways. It’s also estimated that the state won’t see a penny of the lost tax revenue recouped until 2043. Then there’s the fact that Foxconn is a very controversial company.

Work conditions are so bad at some of their other factories that a lot of workers committed suicide inside the plants. The company had to go so far as to string giant safety nets around their buildings to keep workers from jumping to their deaths. Oh and they’re a major violator of labor laws too.

In other words they should fit right in in Wisconsin, considering Scott Walker crushed the unions when he implemented right-to-work laws. It would be highly doubtful that there will be unions inside the factories to watch out for the best interests of the workers anyway. The Foxconn deal isn’t all sunshine and rainbows like Trump would have you believe. It’s going to be costly and the state will be losing billions of dollars in lost tax revenue. But that’s how Trump usually does business…the worse the deal the better he likes it.

Featured Image via Getty Images