Hundreds Of Protesters Greet Trump At His Golf Course In New Jersey – Donald Is Livid


When Donald Trump stole the office of the presidency, he probably thought he could win the people over eventually. If he thought that, then he was sorely mistaken. His hateful rhetoric and idiotic policies have ensured that he’ll remain the most hated man in America. For instance his brutal immigration policy has brought out tens of thousands of protesters around the world in droves today. According to reporters traveling with Trump’s motorcade, a couple hundred of them lined the route he was taking to his golf course in New Jersey.

Photo From White House Press Pool

The protestors displayed signs with anti-Trump immigration policy slogans on some of them, and others mocking Melania for her insensitive choice of outer wear when she went to visit the kids her husband had locked up in his internement camps. Signs such as “stop racism now”, “reunite children with their families”, “asylum seekers are not criminals” and “my civility is locked in a cage–reunite families now.”

Photo by: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

It was rather embarrassing that we have a president who has drawn so much public ire. The only people who like or respect him are low-intelligence voters, racists, bigots, misogynists, and people with Islamophobia. Everyone else knows how evil and corrupt he is, and they’re letting him know about it with their protests and marches.

Some of Trump’s young victims. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

It’s a shame that Trump has been allowed to ruin the good reputation of this once great nation. The Republicans who’ve allowed Trump to get away with his crimes will pay a very steep price this November. The people are mad and they’re going to let them know about it at the ballot box. Trump is the most divisive and corrupt president in this nation’s history, and our founding fathers would be ashamed that congressional Republicans have allowed him to ruin this country.

Featured Image via Alex Brandon/Associated Press