Trump Rants About U.S.’s ‘Dumb’ Laws Like A Derpy Toddler Who Fell Into A Presidency


Donald Trump wants you to believe that Republicans are strong on crime. The party of law and order and all that jazz. But if they really were strong on crime, Trump wouldn’t be issuing pardons to rightfully convicted felons just to score political points. Oh and he wouldn’t be committing crimes himself of course then obstructing justice when it comes after him. In a lie filled tweet today Trump said that Republicans want strong borders and no crime, while Democrats want open borders and are weak on crime. Who falls for this?

Everyone knows that rich Republicans want us to have porous borders so they’ll have more immigrants to hire to work in their companies. Heck even Trump hires undocumented immigrants to work for him, because he can pay them as little as possible. No one in their right mind would believe Trump really wants strong borders. He’s just using immigrants to play up the lie that we’re being overrun by undocumented immigrants, because he knows that a big portion of his base are racists, and they’ll keep voting his way if he makes them scared enough.

Even Trump has no idea what he’s talking about when he says that Democrats want open borders. Heck, he even posted a rebuttal to himself a couple of weeks ago when he tweeted out a video of Presidents Clinton and Obama, and Hillary, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi saying that we need to strengthen our borders.

Weak on crime? Not at all. Democrats would love to see Trump do some time for his crimes. He should…and might…end up sitting in the same prison as a lot of folks in his crime syndicate. Not the only one weak on crime is Donald Trump himself. It’s too bad that his cult members can’t see that.

Check out what the Twitterverse thought of his ignorant tweet.

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