Dutch PM Interrupts Trump Tariff Lies With Resounding “NO!” – Donald Scrambles (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is used to saying whatever he wants without anyone stopping him to say “no, that is not true.” People sit quietly and even applaud as he repeats lies and bullies someone in every single speech he gives. He’s a man who is used to having his ass kissed at every turn, with no one daring enough to call him out.

That all stopped Monday afternoon.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is at the White House this afternoon to discuss the tariffs Donald Trump placed on goods from others countries.

Trump started with his usual lies about how wonderful his relationships are with our foreign allies, despite the clearly visible tension when they are in the same room, not to mention the negative statements to the press given about Trump by those allies.

However, when Trump tried to say that whether or not a compromise is met regarding the tariffs, the outcome would be positive, Rutte had heard enough. The smiling leader said as nicely and loudly as possible, “No.”

Trump continued, trying to speak over Rutte, saying:

“Just think about those cars that pour in here.”

Rutte responded:

“It’s not positive. We have to work something out.”

Trump then foolishly pretended not to hear Rutte’s disagreement, and laid on his usual pretend-president spiel pretty thick. Check out the awkward exchange below:

The response section of this tweet was too good to pass up. We saved the best ones for you below: