Trump Jr. Tweets Racist Message To Elizabeth Warren For Posting Pics Of Her New Dog


This guy is so far out of line it is ridiculous. The sad part is, it’s hard to know if he really feels this way or if he is still just trying to get his father’s approval. The way this guy works, maybe no one knows if he has any real feelings at all. The seemingly bored eldest child of the president was full of unprovoked hatred Monday afternoon, and he took it all out on a 69-year old woman.

It all started when Elizabeth Warren, a longtime enemy of Donald Trump, was featured in the media with a picture of her new puppy.

This apparently infuriated Donald Trump Jr., who retweeted the Mother Jones article with this caption:

This is a racist joke in reference to his father’s assault on Warren’s Native American heritage. The president is known for calling Warren “Pocahontas” as a way to verbally attack her. What the simpleton doesn’t understand is that Pocahontas was a strong warrior that anyone would be proud to be nicknamed after. The offensive part is the intent with which Trump uses the name.

Twitter users agreed, and responded to Trump Jr.’s tweet in true liberal fashion. With a few goofballs sprinkled throughout, here are the best responses to Junior’s tweet.