Video Surfaces Of Racist White Man Going Ballistic During Apparent Road Rage Incident


In 2018, America has hit some old-time lows. We’ve seen minorities targeted by citizens for going to mosque, for having a business meeting at Starbucks, for selling water on a hot day, for BBQing in the park, breaking into their own homes, trying to steal their own cars, and for swimming in a community pool. And all of that was just in the last few months.

Now, yet another video has surfaced of a man verbally attacking a fellow American of Middle Eastern descent over just that, his heritage. Check out the video below for a small glimpse of what black and brown people’s lives are like living in America.

White Virginia racist assaults a U.S. citizen with "Go back to Afgahanistan" chants

Another deplorable just assaulted a U.S. citizen by telling him to "Go back to Afghanistan" – make sure to go out in November and make racists AFRAID again! Follow Occupy Democrats for more!

Posted by Occupy Democrats on Monday, July 2, 2018

The reactions on Facebook alone have been overwhelming. Here’s a few of them for you below: