BREAKING: Deranged Gunman Hits Elementary School – Multiple Casualties Reported


Reports of yet another school shooting hit the news on Tuesday morning and details are already being released. Despite years of calls for common sense gun law reform to address these shootings, Congress is still unwilling to upset their NRA donors to get anything meaningful done.

AtĀ Sunrise Point Elementary School in Overland Park, Kansas, two adult victims were taken to the hospital after guns were brought onto school grounds and used during an altercation at around 9:00 AM EST.

‘John Lacy, Overland Park Police Public Information Officer/Media Relations officer, confirmed two workers were shot at the playground outside the school and no students were injured.

‘Lacy said police believe there might have been some type of argument just before the shooting between employees of the contracted company doing work on the playground. Police confirmed the two workers are in critical condition.

‘Police also said the suspect has been identified but that information has not been released.’

While this may not have been a typical school shooting in which a deranged man with semi-automatic weapons entered a school building with the sole purpose of killing as many children as possible in the shortest amount of time, it marks yet another incident involving guns on school grounds.

Until meaningful conversations can happen without money influencing our lawmakers more than the lives of innocent children, this is just another of many incidents to come. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem any of the GOP Congressmen who take donations from the NRA are ready to have those conversations and put the lives of children first at this time.