OUCH: Trump Biography Writer Responds To Donald’s Tweet About His ‘Writing Skills’


On Tuesday, Mr. Trump bragged on Twitter, “priding (himself) on his ability to write” after being criticized for many spelling errors in his tweets. Trump boasted that he had written many best-selling books and that people like to “pore over my tweets looking for a mistake.” 

However, author Tim O’Brien quickly pounced on the president’s tweet reminding people that Trump did not actually write any of his books. O’Brien tweeted:

‘President Trump didn’t write any of his books. Ghostwriters on all of them.’

Here’s how Twitter responded:

Tim O’Brien actually wrote the Trump biography “Trump Nation,” and has often appeared in the media to discuss Trump. Although Trump has been credited with writing at least 20 books, they all acknowledge a ghostwriter or co-author. Carlos Lozada of The Washington Post wrote about binge reading eight of Trump’s books. Lozada said:

‘Trump’s books are sprayed with insults, like he’s trying to make sure we’re still paying attention. He trashes a former Miss Universe for gaining weight. When he meets a one-star general, he asks, “How come you’re only a one-star?” The Rolling Stones are “a bunch of major jerks.” He dismisses Paul McCartney, “the poor bastard.” (That was for not getting a prenup. Obviously.) Trump also slams complete unknowns — random banking executives or real estate types, lawyers or community activists, anyone who dared cross or disappoint him. “If someone screws you,” he writes, “screw them back.”’

Lozada perhaps accurately foreshadows Trump’s presidency in his last paragraph, saying:

‘But, judging from these books, I’m not sure how badly he really wants the presidency. To win it — yes, I think he’d love to close that deal and, of course, write another book about it. But to actually be president, day to day? Trump has always been about the next big thing, whether the next deal, spouse or fight. “The same assets that excite me in the chase, often, once they are acquired, leave me bored,” he writes. “For me, you see, the important thing is the getting, not the having.”’

There you have it in Trump’s own words.

Featured image by Chris Kleponis/Pool via Bloomberg via Getty Images