The View’s Twitter Page Overrun With People Fed Up With Meghan McCain & It’s Great


Since The View‘s inception, the idea has been to feature women of different political and social views to discuss hot topics and issues of the day. For many years, it was a good concept capable of bridging divides and allowing for the free exchange of liberal and conservative ideals.

In the age of Trump and the divisiveness of the right, that concept doesn’t seem to work as well. Most particularly, it doesn’t work when the sole conservative voice on the show is endlessly petulant, snarky, and condescending. Meghan McCain, apparently, is not going over so well with viewers.

The Atlantic Black Star writes:

‘McCain’s conservative talking points and on-air hissy fits have rubbed many viewers the wrong way ever since she joined the show in October. Viewers have expressed sheer disdain for the way she constantly name drops her father, Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona, fiercely defends President Donald Trump and his followers and how she rolls her eyes and lets out a passive aggressive [sigh] when her co-hosts happen to disagree with her.’

Most recently, McCain enraged viewers when she made the mistake of trying to separate issues of poverty from issues of race. When challenged by Whoopi Goldberg, who grew up poor and black, during a conversation about how “culture wars” led to the election of Donald Trump, McCain bristled and said that Goldberg had lobbed “a cheap shot.”

‘Some of this is about race. I think we can concede this, but a lot of this is about poverty — which again, seems to be missed in the mainstream media. When you are living in a tiny town in America and your coal mine or steel mine went under, and an opiate addiction is raging in your town, and you can’t pay your insurance and you cannot pay…’

Goldberg broke in to remind her:

‘Sounds like black people, you know?’

Like many other issues discussed on the daytime talk show, McCain doesn’t get why her co-hosts challenge her or disagree, and she becomes visibly frustrated when they do.

In its many different panels of women over the years, The View has made for great television and great conversation. However, a foot-stomping child doesn’t lend much to the debate.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube