‘Fox News’ Icon Quits In Front Of The Entire World Over Trump Like A Badass Boss


For anyone wondering how Fox News guests and contributors can continue to have their names and faces associated with the network after all of the disgusting and vile lies and opinions they spew, it appears that at least some of them are beginning to find their conscience and realize that they just can’t justify it anymore.

One regular guest on Fox News is Bruce Turkel, a businessman and author, wrote in an open letter to the network that their rhetoric on family separations and their support of the abuse and traumatization of children has finally broken him.

‘Quite simply, the position Fox has taken on our government’s policy of separating children from their parents is too heinous for me to accept.

‘Ann Coulter claimed that videos of crying children feature “child actors.”

‘Sean Hannity suggested that these children are part of a “rolling invasion” of our country.

‘And more than one announcer has suggested that these kids are actually better off in cages than they were with their parents. One heartless commentator dared say locking innocent children away was like “sending the kids to camp.”

Turkel blasted the network for their refusal to take a stand because their political partisanship forces them to agree with Trump no matter how horrible the things he does are.

‘Accepting that this misguided policy is wrong doesn’t depend on which side of the political aisle you’re on. It doesn’t matter if you support immigration and immigrants or if you don’t. And it doesn’t matter if you believe the law — or the Bible — gives our government the right to do what they’re doing or not.’

The now ex-Fox News guest also pointed to the history behind child separations in America and elsewhere, noting that it has been used to marginalize minorities in every instance.

‘Slave owners regularly separated African and African-American children from their parents. Western expansionists regularly separated Native American children from their parents. The children of Irish immigrants were often taken from their parents. Children with mental illness or intellectual disabilities were regularly institutionalized and separated from their parents. And Nazi Germany created horribly efficient systems for separating Jewish children from their parents.’

Despite years of racism, misogyny, and partisan lies from Fox News, Turkel said the support of this policy is truly the lowest Fox News has gone. Despite the fact that his exit will not affect the network and its popularity at all, his conscience finally outweighed his desire for the coverage.

‘And let’s be honest, none of the shows I’ve been on will even see a blip in viewership because I no longer appear on the programs. Truth is, no one will even know I’m not on Fox anymore.

But you will know. And I will know too.’

If only more of them could find their conscience, the vicious lies and cruel policies could truly be covered the way that they should.

Featured image via Nicholas Boothman