Elizabeth Warren Responds To Trump’s Demand For Genetic Test Like A Major Boss


It seems Trump can do little more these days than make false claims about his own pretend accomplishments and spread false rumors about anyone who calls him on his lies. The same was true in Trump’s rally speech on Thursday night when he once again referred to Sen. Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” and told his rabid fanbase that he would demand she take a DNA test to reveal whether or not she truly has Native American descendants.

Warren did not take the jab lying down, nor did she fail to note the pettiness of Trump’s attack at this point in time.

Truly, if all Republicans can come up with on Sen. Warren is checking a box on a form during her time as a professor, which her employers have stated repeatedly was not used to help advance her career or win her any of the grants or awards she received, they’re not doing very well in discrediting her. A checked box doesn’t compare to 19 sexual assault victims, a fraudulent university, multiple bankruptcies, and child abuse.

Trump’s supporters love this particular ridiculous lie about Liz Warren, who feels no pressure to prove anything to anyone. Like many other Americans, Warren was told by family members that they believed they did have Native American ancestors, and she believed her family.

If Elizabeth Warren was mistaken about her heritage, how does that compare to the more than 2,000 lies Trump told in just his first year as president?

Featured image via Getty/AP/Saul Loeb