Trump Gets Weird & Tweets Thursday Afternoon Message To America; He’s Unraveling


Trump’s presidential administration has become a revolving door of criminals, swamp monsters, and inept appointees who resign or are fired faster than the news can report them. Yet another top cabinet member resigned on Thursday.

Scott Pruitt’s appointment to the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was controversial from the start since he had publicly stated that he was vehemently opposed to the creation of an EPA at all. Like many of Trump’s cabinet officials, he seemed to be the worst possible choices. His resignation was considered by most to be just a matter of time and surprising since it took as long as it did to get him out.

Pruitt’s questionable personal spending has also made him a target for scrutiny and outrage. Government employees in his department were paid with taxpayer dollars to scout Chik-Fil-A franchises and other businesses and jobs for Pruitt’s wife, tasked with finding his favorite expensive lotion and used mattresses from Trump’s hotels, and ordered to put Pruitt’s hotel room charges on their personal credit cards (without reimbursement).

Recently, Pruitt was approached by a concerned American citizen who asked him to resign before his scandals took him down and he could continue to implement policy changes that destroy the environment.

The current deputy administrator of the EPA, Andrew Wheeler, will take over for Pruitt. Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for the American people, considering Trump’s record of appointees and staff members who have been in and out very quickly from the current presidential administration, no one who works for Trump should feel any sense of job security.

Featured image via Getty/NurPhoto