Trump Wakes Up & Live Tweets His Deranged Inner Thoughts Like A Madman About To Snap


July 4th in the United States is a day normally set aside for any number of a variation of celebrations honoring what defines America. President Donald Trump continues, as time goes on following this year’s July 4th, to establish his administration as opposed to some of those basic principles such as due process. On Thursday, he did so through a series of angry tweets.

In the United States, you’re inWKES

It’s ironic that Trump complains in his Thursday tweets about the supposedly overwhelming costs of trials for undocumented immigrants when he wants billions upon billions of dollars to put up a wall in between the United States and Mexico. His concern about monetary burdens only extends to where it suits him.

His proposed immigration system reforms, including the construction of a wall and the ending of due process for undocumented immigrants, address issues that are not overwhelming the country in some sort of pending apocalyptic calamity. Overall, undocumented border crossings are down, and although appeals are an option, there already is an option in place for undocumented immigrants taken into custody within a couple weeks of crossing the border to be subjected to “expedited removal.”

Some of the options that exclude such a process include that of the immigrant seeking asylum. What then, does the president want to end the option to seek asylum entirely?

We will see, and considering the volatility of some of his own positions, it’s not sure that he knows.

Check out Twitter’s response below.

Featured Image via Yuri Gripas/Bloomberg via Getty Images