Mueller Uncovers Direct Evidence Of $16,000,000 Payoff & Trump Cannot Escape


When millionaires and billionaires conduct business, there’s often a lot of corruption going on. The wealthy class just think they should be able to do whatever they want, whenever they want and face no consequences for it, even if what they’ve done has broken the law. There was a good example of that today in Paul Manafort’s trial for bank fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering. CNN reported that Robert Mueller’s prosecutors said in a court filing today that they’ll show evidence that an executive at an unnamed bank allegedly approved $16 million in loans to Manafort, in return for a cushy spot advising the Trump campaign…and it worked because he got the position.

The bank was listed as “Lender D” in the filing, and the executive has not been named yet. Mueller’s prosecutors wrote,

‘The government intends to present evidence that although various Lender D employees identified serious issues with the defendant’s loan application, the senior executive at Lender D interceded in the process and approved the loan.’

The prosecutors said that Manafort had made false and fraudulent representations to the bank in his loan application, and even though some bank employees identified serious issues with his application, the unnamed executive still approved the loan. The bank employees probably didn’t know that their boss was buying his spot on the Trump campaign.

The court papers also revealed that the exec wanted his position advising Trump to carry over to the Trump administration once he got elected, but that didn’t happen. Apparently, it cost more than $16 million of dirty money to buy your way into Trump’s administration. But it could also be that the media had busted Manafort’s Russian connections by then, and Trump’s feet were to the fire. That was when Trump was forced to let Manafort and any of his corrupt lackeys go. $16 million just doesn’t buy as much as it used to in the old days.

Featured Image via Getty Images