Rudy Giuliani Snaps & Makes Demand Of Robert Mueller Like A Delusional Old Man


Rudy Giuliani hasn’t always come across as a beacon of intelligence. In fact he usually comes across as the drunk uncle everyone avoids at the family Christmas dinner. Well today he came up with another really whacked out demand. Now he wants Robert Mueller to prove that Donald Trump has committed a crime before Trump will ever agree to be questioned. A while back he tried to get Mueller to give him everything he has against Trump, and now he wants there to be some sort of fake trial before Trump will do what’s right by sitting for an interview.

Trump must really be worried about everything Mueller has on him for Giuliani to demand something like that. CNN reported that Giuliani said:

‘If they can come to us and show us the basis and that it’s legitimate and that they have uncovered something, we can go from there and assess their objectivity.’

Take careful notice that he didn’t say Trump would agree to be interviewed if Mueller proved it, only that they would “assess their objectivity”. It appears that Trump and Giuliani are trying to show that they have no problem combating Mueller and the Russia investigation. It also appears that they’re trying to sway public opinion over to their side, by using the screams of “witch hunt” and “no collusion” every chance they get. It’s disgusting that Russia put Trump in office in the first place, and hopefully, there are enough patriots in this country to see through Trump’s lies.

Today’s demands are nothing more than “legal games” by team Trump. In all likelihood, Trump will never sit down with Mueller. Apparently, he thinks if he drags things out long enough Mueller will forget all about Trump’s alleged crimes. But if he drags them out for too long, Trump will no longer be in office and will be unable to throw our country into a constitutional crisis by pardoning himself.

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