Trump Tweets Friday Afternoon Gibberish To America & Was Forced To Regret It In Seconds


Donald Trump has little more recourse while evidence that his campaign allegedly colluded with Russian government operatives during the 2016 presidential elections piles up against him but to lie in an attempt to keep his rabid fanbase supportive…for now. He tweeted very misleading statements, and even blatant lies, on Friday to do just that.

What’s true about this tweet? Not one piece of it. Trump did not “win” the lawsuit. It was dismissed because it was out of the judge’s jurisdiction. U.S. District Court Judge Ellen Huvelle was careful to note that her decision does not indicate that Trump’s campaign did not collude with Russia and did not indicate that the case or the evidence was without merit.

‘It bears emphasizing that this Court’s ruling is not based on a finding that there was no collusion between defendants and Russia during the 2016 presidential election. This is the wrong forum for plaintiffs’ lawsuit. The Court takes no position on the merits of plaintiffs’ claims.’

It’s also untrue that the case was brought by the Democratic National Committee (DNC). It was, in fact, filed by two DNC donors and one staffer at the DNC whose privacy was violated by the illegal release of the illegally hacked DNC emails.

What’s also obviously untrue is that the allegations about Russian collusion is an excuse for losing an election. Trump has claimed, and many have confirmed, that no one ever expected Trump to win, and the FBI investigation into collusion began well before Trump won, so why would they have needed to prepare an excuse months before the election.

Twitter was quick to respond to Trump’s lies. See some of their comments below:

Featured image via Getty/Justin Sullivan