92-Year Old Immigrant Bashed In Head With Brick During Racist Attack (GRAPHIC IMAGES)


Donald Trump has incited violence against protesters and immigrants. He’s done it loudly and publicly, and his violent followers have heeded his words. On the 4th of July a 92 year old Mexican immigrant became the target of all the hate Trump has been spreading, after a woman and four men almost beat Rodolfo Rodriguez to death.

Rodriguez had just finished eating his dinner with his family and went for his daily walk around the block, where he accidentally bumped into a woman’s young child. The woman confronted him, then picked up a brick and started beating Rodriguez with it. He was knocked to the ground where the beating continued, then four other suspects joined in the assault and appeared to start kicking him too. The beating left Rodriguez with a broken cheek bone, bruised ribs and other head injuries.

A neighbor saw the attack and ran out of her home to scream at the suspects. She told KTLA she then also came under attack, saying the suspects then tried to hit her. Luckily someone caught the assault on their camera phone. The police haven’t yet released the video as of yet, but are searching for the suspects.

This is the kind of violence that Trump’s rhetoric is causing. It’s hard to believe that Americans would turn to such hate because of the words of one man. We’re supposed to be better people than that. What happened to us being a shining city on a hill that accepts the downtrodden? If Trump gets his way we’re going to be a nation full of violent, straight, white, people who feel free to beat or kill those who are different from us. He’s brought shame to our shores.

Featured Image via Getty Images