Nazi Scum Attacks Mexican Kids For Skateboarding – Out Of Control Loser Caught On Video


Many will argue that Trump is racist. Others will argue the orange guy who swore he’s keeping out bad hombres isn’t racist. What is pretty obvious, however, is that Trump’s rhetoric has emboldened a sick and twisted segment of America that was quiet and hiding in the farthest corners of America, and now they are boldly expressing their racist sentiments. If you need evidence, this video posted on the Occupy Democrats Facebook page is all you need to see.

On Saturday, Occupy Democrats posted this video to their Facebook page writing:

‘UGH! Another day in Trump’s America. Spread his shame!’

The video starts with this white guy yelling at what appears to be a teenage boy, who happens to be Hispanic, about reading a sign. Apparently, the guy is upset that the kid is skateboarding. The sign, according to the kid, says, “No scooters.”

Obviously, the kid is going to argue that scooters are not the same as a skateboard. He’s a teenager. They are naturally stubborn. Furthermore, it’s a good argument. The white guy ends up calling the teenager and the group of kids with him, “Mexican pieces of shit” and then boldly admits, “Yes, I’m racist!”

The white man then, for some reason, thinks being racist is something to be proud of because he exclaims, “At least, I’m something. All you are is a little coward.”

The kid fires back, “All you are is a piece of shit.”

Here’s the thing. If you are a grown man getting in a child’s face, you are nothing but a coward. We can’t help but wonder if the guy would get in a grown Hispanic male’s face and say the exact same thing.

You can check out comments on the video below.