Pompeo’s N.K. Meeting Turns Disastrous; Korean Official Releases Statement Immediately


Last month, Mr. Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met in Singapore for a historic summit. During the meeting, they signed an agreement pledging that Pyongyang would give up its nuclear weapons. The world watched and wondered what this really meant or if it meant anything at all.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited North Korea this past week, and the results of his talks with leaders do not sound hopeful. The Trump administration seems to be doing more harm than they are helping the situation. According to The Associated Press:

‘North Korea says high-level talks with a U.S. delegation led by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were “regrettable” and has accused Washington of trying to unilaterally pressure the country into abandoning its nukes.

‘The statement by an unnamed North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman on Saturday came hours after Pompeo concluded two days of talks with North Korean officials led by Kim Yong Chol.’

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In the statement, North Korean officials say that the United States betrayed the spirit of last month’s summit between the two leaders “by making unilateral demands on ‘CVID,’ or the complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of North Korea.”

The statement went on to say that the follow-up talks have led to what is “very concerning,” as it has led to a “dangerous phase that might rattle our willingness for denuclearization that had been firm.”

It is not surprise that Mr. Trump and his administration continue to lead us into what may end up being known as the darkest place in history.

Featured image by SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images