Rudy Giuliani Goes On ‘NBC Sunday’ & Becomes A PR Disaster For Trump In 7 Seconds


Of all the spokespeople and all the legal professionals in the country, somehow Trump chose former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani to represent him on television during the Mueller probe. Whether or not evidence is ever released that Trump knew about his campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia, his hiring of Giuliani is certainly enough to prove he’s incompetent and ignorant.

On Sunday morning, the former mayor went on another round of television appearances and, as per usual, made a fool of Trump and his administration. On Meet the Press, Chuck Todd asked why Trump is unafraid to sit with people who have made grave threats and direct attacks on the country, but seems terrified to speak with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Giuliani answered:

‘The president is anxious to testify because he knows he’s done nothing wrong. It’s us, his lawyers, who have real hesitation about it. Look how biased the people who started this investigation were.’

When Todd pressed him, asking whether he or Trump believes Mueller is biased, he replied:

‘I think he is surrounded by biased people. Almost exclusively. The FBI agent who said, you have to stop Trump. I mean, has there will been an investigation of this magnitude with such obvious indications of extreme, disgusting bias, with totally corrupts the process? Can I expect these people to be objective about Donald Trump?’

Todd reminded Trump’s legal representative that Peter Strzok has been fired from the investigation, but Giuliani continued to complain because he was hired in the first place, although there’s no indication that Mueller knew about the texts that were later released.

On CNN, Dana Bash asked about Trump’s personal attorney and “fixer,” Michael Cohen, who seems to be ready to cooperate with Mueller and his team in their investigation. Giuliani insisted that he and Trump aren’t worried.

‘I don’t know what he has to flip over. What I do know is, there is no evidence of wrongdoing with President Trump. So we’re very comfortable. If he believes it’s in his best interest to cooperate, God bless him. He should cooperate…I do not expect Michael Cohen is going to lie. I think he’s going to tell the truth as best he can given his recollection. If he does that, we’re home free.’

It’s so strange how none of Trump’s supporters have asked why exactly Strzok, an expert in cyberterrorism who had seen the evidence of Russia’s cyberattacks on the United States, was so frightened of Trump becoming president. For all their complaints and conspiracy theories, no one did make an effort to stop Trump’s presidency. In fact, they didn’t even release publicly the fact that Trump was being investigated until after the election.

They also never ask why Trump needed a “fixer” who is now suspected of having worked with the mob and laundered money, especially money from Russian oligarchs.

Featured image screengrab via Twitter by @CNNPolitics