Trump Gets Bored & Tweets Pathetic Sunday Night Video Like An Insecure Old Man


Donald Trump really doesn’t care about the United States or her citizens. The only thing he cares about are his money and his television ratings, and he probably cares more about the ratings than anything else. Take his ongoing political rallies that serve no purpose whatsoever, and his constant bragging on Twitter. For instance today he tweeted out a short video of his detractors and opponents saying that he couldn’t win the election.

The video starts out with two born losers riding down an escalator that mimics Trump’s idiotic ride down the one in Trump Tower when he announced his candidacy. The video was produced by YouTube user Elouai, and consists of over 2-minutes of pundits, celebrities and politicians saying that Trump would lose. Trump is starting to sound like the has-been, ex-athlete who constantly brags about his glory days when he was on top of the world. It’s too bad that he doesn’t put this much effort into helping the U.S. by doing his job.

This whole tweet also makes Trump look like the rich kid in high school that no one likes, because he thinks he’s better than everyone else. Trump is nothing but a boastful, ego maniac that will stoop to low levels to bring other people down. People on the right always say that Democrats should just get over the election and quit worrying about it…one has to wonder if they tell Trump the same thing.

One thing is certain, after this November’s election we probably won’t have to worry about seeing anymore idiotic, boastful Tweets from Trump; because if the expected happens and the Republicans lose control of the House, it will all be Trump’s fault. Their downfall will be all on him.

The Twitterverse had fun with Trump’s childish video.

Featured Image via Getty Images