Cop Caught On Camera Pulling His Gun On A Group Of Young Minority Children (VIDEO)


One has to feel sorry for kids nowadays. 20 years ago, children could run around their neighborhood just being kids. But now they face having cops pull their guns on them if they don’t like what the kids are doing, and there’s often hell to pay if they ask the cops why they’re being detained. That was the case with young teen Jacob Saucedo when he was heading to his community’s recreation center. The kid was accosted by El Paso police officers, grabbed by his throat, dragged down, handcuffed and placed in the back of the squad car. The cop who did it is now on leave.

While Saucedo was being handcuffed, other young children approached the scene to see what was going on and the officer pulled his gun on them. Supposedly the cops were in the neighborhood because of a report of criminal trespassing. The El Paso Police Department told NBC News that it’s currently investigating the assault…ahem…the incident.

“A series of events unfolded while the officers were handling the call and culminated with the situation that was captured on video and posted on social media sites. The Department’s Internal Affairs Unit is conducting an investigation of the incident. Additional resources have been allocated to assist in expediting the investigation.”

It’s just ridiculous that a grown man pulled a gun on a gaggle of 4-foot-tall munchkins, but that’s what he did. If he’s that scared to be out in the public, he really shouldn’t be a cop. Cops nowadays are so militant toward the public that it’s just plain scary. We’ve all seen videos of large cops throwing young girls around for daring to question why they’re being stopped. Just look at the kid in the video. He looks like he weighs about a buck-twenty soaking wet and they grab him by the throat and take him down violently.

Not to mention all the young, unarmed people who are killed by freewheeling cops who believe it’s best to shoot first and ask questions later. It’s time for the big blue wall to come down and all the “good” cops we’re always hearing about to step up and stop the “bad” cops from assaulting or outright murdering our citizens.

Featured Image via Getty Images