Federal Judge Rules Against Trump’s Militant DOJ In Massive Upset That Has Donald Livid


Donald Trump is getting ready to badly damage our democracy by placing another yet another right-wing justice on the Supreme Court. So conservatives may own the Supreme Court for the foreseeable future, but not all is lost for people’s constitutional rights. For instance, today a federal judge in California dismissed most of the Trump administration’s lawsuit seeking to knock down a series of California immigration laws. His ruling delivered a major blow to the Justice Department’s efforts to crack down on so-called sanctuary states, and Trump’s head must be getting ready to explode in anger by it.

U.S. District Judge John Mendez threw out part of the DOJ’s lawsuit that would invalidate Senate Bill 54, and block Assembly Bill 103. S.B. 54 limits the cooperation that local and state law enforcement have to give to ICE, and A.B. 103 allows the California AG to review and report on immigration detention facilities. Mendez also tossed out part of the lawsuit against Assembly Bill 405, which sought to limit private employers’ cooperation with federal immigration enforcement.

The DOJ first brought the lawsuit against California earlier this year, because they were mad that sanctuary laws were protecting immigrants from Trump’s Gestapo ICE forces. In his ruling, Mendez said that,

‘refusing to help is not the same as impeding.’

Meaning that just because state and local police didn’t actively help ICE officers, doesn’t mean that they were impeding them in any way.

So there’s hope yet that the people’s will and state’s rights will be taken into account when Trump’s Gestapo-like DOJ come knocking at the door. Good federal judges can protect us, at least until their rulings get overturned by Trump’s conservative Supreme Court. But we’ll take what we can get for now.

Considering Trump wants to turn this country into his own version of Nazi Germany, it’s going to take everyone to fight against him any way we can.

Featured Image via Getty Images