Paul Manafort Just Made A Desperate Move To Have His July 25th Trial Moved Out Of D.C.


Trump’s former campaign manager, whose instrumental role Trump has attempted to downplay in tweets where he once again pointed out that other presidents and presidential candidates have done the same or worse than he has in an attempt to shift blame, currently sits in jail awaiting trial.

In yet another attempt to get away with all of the crimes he’s been charged with, Manafort’s lawyers have once again made motions to have the charges dismissed, saying Manafort is being charged solely due to bias against the president and Manafort’s relationship with him.

In the legal filings , Manafort’s attorneys wrote that:

‘The government’s reasons for initiating a prosecution have nothing to do with whether the evidence at trial proves the elements of the charged offenses, which is the sole question that the jury must answer…prosecutors in this case have resurrected charges that the Department of Justice previously investigated but declined to prosecute or determined not to be meritorious.’

The former presidential campaign CEO and Ukrainian lobbyist faces numerous charges and had his home incarceration revoked after attempting to influence witness testimony against him.

‘His lawyers are appealing a June 15 order by Jackson that sent him to jail after prosecutors accused him of attempting to tamper with witnesses. He is being held at the Northern Neck Regional Jail in Warsaw, Virginia, about 80 miles (130 kilometers) south of Alexandria, where he remains in his cell for 23 hours a day when he’s not meeting his lawyers.

‘Manafort also has asked the judge in Alexandria to move his case to Roanoke, Virginia, and to delay his trial until after the Washington case has ended.’

All of the previous attempts to clear Manafort of charges have so far been denied. The judge has not yet answered this filing.

Featured image via Getty/Mark Wilson