Racist Loser Attacks Puerto Rican Woman At The Park Over Her Shirt – Cops Just Watch


Donald Trump’s supporters, or at least the ones who aren’t neo-Nazis and other various kinds of white supremacists, insist that their president is not racist. His policy of separating children from their families at the border without an identification process to reunite them is to save us all from rapists and criminals, not because they have brown skin.


However, nationalism is what Trump’s rhetoric has inspired and validated for many of his supporters. Unfortunately, those people are also ignorant, so that nationalism can lead to some pretty frightening encounters.

When a woman from Puerto Rico rented a space at a park for a birthday party, she never expected that anyone would have a problem with her shirt, particularly not a problem that led to harassment and intimidation. Because she wore a shirt that said “Puerto Rico” on it, a man at the park verbally attacked and frightened her. When police showed up, they stood doing nothing to help her until the woman’s brother returned and pushed back against the racist fool.

The man repeatedly screamed at her that she shouldn’t be wearing the shirt in America, saying that “the world will not change the United States” and asking if the woman is a U.S. citizen. When the woman tried to explain that Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, which makes every Puerto Rican a U.S. citizen at birth, the man refused to believe her.

After suffering a devastating hurricane that President Trump handled disastrously, although the hurricanes in Florida and Texas around the same time went smoothly and were quickly addressed, there are many Puerto Ricans displaced and living in the states. This is the welcome they’re being given thanks to our current racist-in-chief.

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