Trump Goes Ballistic After NY Times Report On Breastfeeding & The Reason Will Sicken You


Donald Trump truly believes himself capable of Oscar-worthy performances, and his attempts at pulling them off daily are proof alone that he’s not all there upstairs. Although he is trying his hardest to get people to believe the complete and utter lies coming from whatever national or global pulpit he chooses to spew from, he is likely the most transparent, ridiculous human to ever walk the face of the earth.

Trump went on the following tirade about women being denied formula for their hungry children, ignorant to the fact that real men feed their children too, and that no one is actually being denied food for their baby, even if they don’t need it. The tirade, however, is nothing but lies.

A follow-up published today by NY Times gives some insight as to why exactly Donald Trump would be so angry about baby formula. For one, it’s a $70 billion dollar industry.

According to The Times:

“The push by United States delegates to the World Health Organization to water down or scrap a simple resolution meant to encourage breast-feeding in underdeveloped countries was many things — bullying, anti-science, pro-industry, anti-public health and shortsighted, to name a few.”

“But it was not surprising. In fact, it’s just one of several recent examples of the administration’s zeal for badgering weaker countries into tossing public health concerns aside to serve powerful business interests. The baby formula industry is worth $70 billion and, as breast-feeding has become more popular in more developed countries, it has pinned its hopes for growth on developing ones.”

The Times also addressed the president’s direct Monday morning attack on them:

“As The Times reported Sunday, the resolution in question stated, simply, that breast milk is the healthiest option for infants, and that steps should be taken to minimize inaccurate marketing of substitutes.”

“President Trump’s contention on Twitter Monday, that women need access to formula because of malnutrition, defies both science and common sense: the overwhelming balance of evidence tells us that breast milk is the most nutritious option for infants, by far. Among many other benefits, it has the potential to ward off diarrheal diseases and respiratory infections, both of which are prevalent in low-income countries.”

Check out the responses to Trump’s tweet below and see for yourself how America feels about this.