Trump Just Pulled A Fast One On Twitter During Monday America First Rant Like A Fascist


Donald Trump just got caught pretending to care about the poor and the sick, but by the end of his statement, his motive for such passion bad acting became clear. America first. It’s not often the president makes remarks of compassion and empathy, so just as it seems as though he may be showing some sort of a soul, he immediately changes course, and his not-so-veiled truth comes to the light. Every damn time.

Check out what our supposed leader tweeted Monday morning:

See how he did that? That’s how he gets his uneducated favorites to buy into his rhetoric. It’s literally like a parent who plays psychological games with their children to trick them into following the rules. To see it happen on such a mass scale, and with grown adult humans, is simply weird.

The internet agreed. Check out the reactions Trump’s tweet got below: