Trump’s Former Attorney Photographed In A Very Sticky Situation – Donald Is Peeved


Occasionally, the public gets a reminder that those involved in government are human like the rest of us. It’s this fact about Donald Trump that is no doubt lost on many of his supporters who see him as some sort of pseudo-messiah who can do no wrong — and it’s also the fact that explains why Ty Cobb, a former member of his legal team, was spotted recently having a good time at a punk show in Washington, D.C.

Cobb left his position on Trump’s legal team dealing with the Russia investigation in May of this year, reportedly fed up with the president’s combativeness when it came to dealings with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

During a period including both when Cobb was on the job and the time since he left, there’s been no major publicly known development when it comes to the question of whether Trump will ever sit down with Mueller’s team for an interview. The president has, at times, claimed to be open to the idea of an interview with the special counsel’s office, but there’s always SOMETHING holding him back.

Trump has, alongside new additions to his legal team like longtime ally Rudy Giuliani, remained resolute in his opposition to the very existence of the “witch hunt” Mueller investigation, so it’s not as though anyone expects the president to happily waltz on over to the special counsel’s office and sit down for an interview.

Well, Ty Cobb is apparently long not interested in putting up with any of that nonsense anymore. The punk show that he ended up at was going on this past Saturday night at the heavy music venue Slash Run in Washington, D.C. The main attraction was a band called Copstabber, which — in line with its name — makes songs that are harshly antagonistic towards societal norms; titles include “I Like Cocaine.”

He ended up there after a wedding alongside a dozen or so other people from the same event, according to photographer Chris Suspect, who captured the strange pairing of Ty Cobb and Copstabber on film. Suspect says that Cobb stayed seated but “was definitely rocking out,” supposedly especially eager to have a good time during the performance of the aforementioned song, “I Like Cocaine.”

Dave Poole, the Copstabber front man, commented:

‘I threw beer on him, called him ‘whiskers,’ got a high five from him. I just thought he was an old wildman but it turns out he is a RICH old wildman!’

Check out photos of Cobb at the D.C. punk/metal venue in question this past weekend below, via photographer Chris Suspect. Copstabber has unsurprisingly incorporated expressly anti-Trump themes into their performances in the past.

Ironically, Cobb isn’t even the only Trump lawyer who has been caught on camera having a good time to some music recently in what’s made for a noteworthy pairing. During a recent trip to Israel that included a stop at a business conference, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani was caught on camera dancing to some electronic dance music.

A significant difference, though, is the fact that Giuliani is still in the middle of the mess that is the Trump team, and Cobb is not.

Featured Image via Joshua Roberts/Bloomberg via Getty Images