General Flynn Met At Court By Crowd Of Protesters, What They Chanted Will Crack You Up


Former National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn, was ready to get on with his life. After all, his legal bills plunged him deeply into debt, and he even lost his house. It seems, though, that life after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s attack on America’s presidential election and possible Trump campaign conspiracy will not be easy. The day ended badly.

Fortunately, Flynn cooperated with the investigation. That meant, he was only charged with lying to federal investigators, which was a very light sentence, given the crimes he faced.

Even as he went back to court asking for a sped up sentencing hearing, protesters chanted “lock him up!” Flynn was a frequent leader of “lock her up” chants at Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign rallies, so the shouts must have been bittersweet.

Trump’s attorney, Robert Kelner, told The LA Times:

‘General Flynn is eager to proceed with sentencing when that is possible. (He wants to) bring an end to this chapter of his life.’

Flynn has a new job. He and Washington lobbyist Nick Muzin and his New York partner Joey Allaham have formed the firm, Stonington Global LLC. They will do global lobbying and investment consulting.

At court, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan wanted an update from the attorneys, but he did not give Flynn a sentencing date yet. The newly-minted consultant will go back for a status update on the case by August 24.

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