Kellyanne Conway Cracks On Fox News When Grilled About Russian Election Interference


Fox News spends the vast majority of its time fawning over Donald Trump and disparaging Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama despite the fact that neither has been in office or rant for office for nearly two years now. It’s rare for them to ask hard questions of either the president or members of his administration, but host Bill Hemmer did just that on Tuesday morning over the upcoming Trump/Russia summit.

One of the biggest questions on everyone’s minds regarding the planned meeting with no Americans present is whether or not Trump plans to be as tough on Russia as he has been against our own allies. The attack on American democracy committed by the Kremlin with their election interference is, to most Americans with a brain, a direct attack on the United States as a whole. Trump, however, has repeatedly denied that it ever happened.

Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News and was grilled with questions about Trump’s plan in conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Hemmer asked whether or not Trump planned to ask about Russian election interference and warn Putin about trying it again. Conway hedged in her answer.

‘They will discuss any range of issues, particularly those that affect the world security.’

Hemmer pressed, asking whether this specific issue would be discussed. Conway grew visibly irritated and insisted that no one is even discussing whether or not Trump won the election due to Russia’s interference, other than Hillary Clinton.

‘Nobody’s even saying that anymore, Bill. Nobody’s even saying that anymore. But boy were they saying it. Wanna see the clips? I’ve got them ready for you.’

That’s not actually true, of course. The Senate Intelligence Committee recently released a report that Putin’s goal in election interference was to help Trump and hurt Clinton, although it’s impossible to tell how much of an effect that had on vote totals. However, Russia absolutely did illegally hack into voter rolls in several swing states.

Hemmer asked once more about whether or not this issue would be addressed.

‘I get it, but despite all that… but as president of the United States, you talk about democratic process and keeping it pure. Why not take this conversation?’

Conway raised her voice, angry over the pushback.

‘He said that! We don’t want anybody interfering in our democracy. Anybody interfering in our democracy. But it is foolish for anybody to still be going back to 2016, almost two years ago now, and trying to pretend that that election result… happened because of any outside interference.’

Just one question after Conway answered with a disparaging remark about Clinton, she complained about anyone discussing an election that happened two years ago.

Conway then went on to list all the Trump administration officials who have acknowledged Russia’s election interference, such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

She never acknowledged, however, that the one name not on the list is the one who should most be pressed to admit the truth: President Donald Trump.

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